Prestige by Jacques Battini / Men

De L’ambre Shady

Shady has a discreet elegance and chic thanks to a combination of orange, apple and nutmeg. Undertones of cognac and rum subtly accentuate masculinity. A suggestive signal that no woman with class can deny.

Eau De Toilette

50ml / 100ml / Men

Duftpyramide / De L’ambre Shady

Top notes

  • Apfel

  • Kardamom

  • Muskatnuss

  • orange

  • Rum
Middle notes

  • Cognac

  • jasmin

  • Patschuli

  • rosa Pfeffer
Base notes

  • Agar Holz

  • Balsam

  • Bersnstein

  • Moschus

  • Sandelholz

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