Prestige by Jacques Battini & Murano / Men

L’uomo Sportivo

L’uomo Sportivo is a defining fragrance for the active man, enhancing your natural scent with an exhilarating combination of aromas. Make your senses come alive with a spritz of L’uomo Sport to your neck and wrists, and embrace the casual confidence it inspires.

Eau de Parfum

100ml / Men

Duftpyramide / L’uomo Sport

Top notes

  • cinnamon

  • Muskatnuss

  • Pfeffer

  • rosemary

  • Wacholderbeere
Middle notes

  • Florentiner Schwertlilie

  • fresh

  • Kardamom
Base notes

  • benzoin

  • labdanum

  • Leder

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